English teacher

When he was a young boy a summer staying in Ireland, changed all his life. Not coming from biligual parents, he was able to speak very fast fluently English as a native speaker. That summer when he came back to his motherland, Spain, he realised that his world and specially Europe changed forever for him.

Most of his friends told him that he got a British accent. He always answer: Irish accent! His attitude about languages began a serious coming out way. He was able to study other foreign languages and to dominate its skills very fast.

After English, came Italian, Portuguese, German and then he decided Swedish and not Anglosaxon or Romanic language. This was the key to understand that dominating the biggest three European family languages: Romanic, Anglosaxon and Slavonic he was going to be able to understand any further language which was coming from these three families.

Very soon he decided to dominate Spanish improving his native skills in a superior level because sometimes words from this high  level are the key to understand other words or grammatical structures from any other Romanic languages. Indeed this was his success with Catalonian, Portuguese and specially with Italian. His previous knowledge from old Latin helped him ever further!

The same procedure he used for the Anglosaxon languages: if you dominate English, German and Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian are very easy to learn.

With Slavonic languages he determinated ti use the same method and he began his Bulgarian and then Russian and after these ones, Serbocroatian, Polish, Czech, Ucranian, …are easier.

For English he continued his studies in English Literature and Filology and he became Teacher for English in many schools. He is also translater into Spanish from English and viceversa.